Elementary Astronomy

Physics 1040: Fall 2007
Professor: Stacy Palen Office: SL209
Office Phone: 801.626.7030 email: spalen@weber.edu
Course web page: physics.weber.edu/palen/Phys1040
The first thing you'll need is the syllabus. The following table has the lecture notes, lab and homework assignment for each week. Labs happen on Friday, and homework is due every Wednesday.
8/27 Intro.; Night Sky Time Scales Finding Things in the Sky Homework 1
9/3 No School! Time Scales Phases of the Moon Homework 2
9/10 Properties of Stars Properties of Stars The Seasons Homework 3
9/17 Properties of Stars Properties of Stars Parallax Homework 4
9/24 Properties of Stars Star Formation Spectral Classification Homework 5
10/1 Planet Formation Terrestrial Planets Planetarium Homework 6
10/8 Jovian Planets The Sun 51 Pegasi Homework 7
10/15 The Sun Planetary Nebulae No School! Homework 8
10/22 Supernovae White Dwarfs/Neutron Stars/Pulsars Planetary Nebulae
Midterm goes out
(no homework!)
10/29 Black Holes
Midterm Due
Black Holes Black Holes Homework 9
11/5 Normal Galaxies Normal galaxies Center of Milky Way Homework 10
11/12 Big Bang I Big Bang I Dark Matter Homework 11
11/19 Big Bang II Big Bang II No school! Homework 12
11/26 The End of the Universe The End of the Universe Expanding Universe Homework 13
12/3 Life in the Universe Life in the Universe Curvature of the Universe Final goes out
12/10 Final Exam Due, 11 am