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An Introduction to Thermal Physics

Daniel V. Schroeder
Department of Physics
Weber State University

Copyright 2000 (published August 1999), Addison Wesley (a.k.a. Pearson)


As of December 2013 the book's retail price is approximately $60 for the hardcover U.S. edition. The ISBN is 0-201-38027-7. Lower-cost paperback editions, identical in content but inferior in print and paper quality, are available in some parts of the world.

A complete, 344-page solution manual, for instructors only, is available. Instructors can order it (ISBN 0-201-65680-9) through their local Pearson sales representatives. (If you have any trouble obtaining the manual, please let me know and I may be able to help put you in touch with the right person at Pearson. However, please be advised that I never provide the manual to anyone directly, and the manual is not available in electronic form.)

The Figures and Tables collection (5 MB pdf) is finally complete. These are provided mostly for the convenience of instructors who wish to incorporate them into class presentation slides. Please honor the copyright notice and do not redistribute them.

The page of guidance on computer problems has been updated in a variety of ways, to reflect changes in available computing environments. The most significant change is the inclusion of Python code examples for those who prefer that language.

Last modified on December 26, 2013.