Important equations in An Introduction to Thermal Physics

by Daniel V. Schroeder, Department of Physics, Weber State University

A reviewer has pointed out that the most important equations in the text should be highlighted. Of course, different readers will have different opinions on which are the most important equations. Here, however, is my personal list. Please don't accept this list uncritically; instead, think about whether you believe each of these equations is really important, and consider whether other equations should be included on your personal list.

Goodness, that's a long list--more than a hundred important equations! Although these "important" equations occur on average only once every four pages, you may also like to see a shorter list of the really important equations. Here, then, are the ones that I consider to be absolutely central; you may wish to write them on the inside cover for reference. Again, think carefully about whether your personal list should be different from mine.

Last modified on January 23, 2006.