Physics 2220 Home Page

Instructor: Daniel Schroeder, Physics Department, Weber State University

This page contains links to course documents, including the syllabus, problem sets, study guides, and problem solutions. At present, all documents except problem solutions are in .pdf format (which requires that you have Acrobat or Acrobat Reader installed on your computer). Problem solutions are .gif and .jpg images, which should be readable from your web browser. To print problem solutions, you may (depending on your browser) need to specify a reduction of 70% or so to get each page onto a single sheet of paper. Homework assignments will be updated as the semester goes on; meanwhile, last year's assignments are posted in case these will be useful. Some of the problem solutions still contain references to a textbook that was once used for this course; please ignore these obsolete page references.

Last modified on 15 August 2011.