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Eureka!  The Achievements of Archimedes

Faux News!

Archimedes' Life

Archimedes' Times

Archimedes the Man

The Golden Crown

Archimedes' Inspiration

Archimedes' Principle

Law of the Lever

Lever Assumptions

A Key Step of Archimedes' Proof

Archimedes' Nine Treatises

Archimedes' Mathematics

Archimedes Traps Pi

Area of a Circle

Archimedes' Method

The Volume of a Sphere

Archimedes' Balancing Act

Proof Details

Proof of the Volume and Area of a Sphere

Archimedes' Triumph

Archimedes' Greatest Achievement

Archimedes and the Calculus

The Father of Hydrostatics

Archimedes at Play

The Cattle Puzzle

The Sand Reckoner

War Comes to Archimedes

Archimedes' Claw

The Death of Archimedes

Cicero's Discovery of Archimedes' Tomb

A Question to Ponder