Physics Educational Software

Written by Dan Schroeder and others.

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Thermal Physics



The programs described below were developed for the Macintosh computer circa 1985-92. They are small, fast, and easy to use, but lack the color graphics that everyone expects these days. As far as I know, all of them run fine on PowerPC-based Macintosh systems, including OS X systems under the Classic environment. It might be possible to run them on Intel-based Macs using third-party emulation software, but I've never tried this. Except for the EField Appet (see above), I have no versions of these programs for Windows or other operating systems. However, the Spins program has recently been ported to Java by a group at Oregon State University. Click here for more information about this Java version of Spins.

All of the programs described below, except for the Radiation program, were written by Dan Schroeder and Michael Martin. To download an archive of all of these programs, click here (.hqx format, 213k). The Radiation program is in a separate archive (see below).


Fourier Analysis

Quantum Mechanics

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