EField Applet

This applet requires Java 1.2 or later. If you don't see the applet in the space above, you probably need to download and install the Java Runtime Environment from Sun's web site.

Move the cursor around the charge to sample the electric field. Click at any point to leave a field vector there. Use the tool palette to place additional charges, erase items, or drag charges around.

The Lines option turns each charge into a uniform, infinitely long line of charge running perpendicular to the screen. The field created by a line falls off in proportion to 1/r, rather than 1/r2 for points.

Printing Instructions: Not all browsers will print Java applets. If your browser won't print this applet, you can either try a different browser or make a screen capture and pull the image into another program for printing.

This applet is intended to help physics students with:

Created by Dan Schroeder, Weber State University. Based on a Mac Classic program by Dan Schroeder and Michael Martin.

Last modified 14 March 2008.