Corrections to An Introduction to Thermal Physics

by Daniel V. Schroeder, Department of Physics, Weber State University

Here is a list of known errors in the book. If you find an error that is not listed here, please e-mail me at .

Errors that were posted before 15 September 2000 have been corrected in the third and later printings of the book. Unfortunately, these corrections were made from laser-printed pages rather than directly to film, so the corrected pages (37 in all) are inferior in quality in the third and fourth printings. This cosmetic problem has been fixed as of the fifth printing, which incorporates all corrections posted through 1 November 2000. The most serious known errors in printings 5 through 7 are new ones, introduced by the printer while correcting older errors (see below). Very few known errors occur in still later printings. (To find out which printing you have, look at the leftmost number in the bottom line of the copyright page.)

This list is sorted by the dates when the corrections were posted. To see the same list sorted by page number, click here.

Last modified on April 11, 2017.