Feynman Diagrams and Electron-Positron Annihilation

Daniel V. Schroeder, Department of Physics, Weber State University

This is the web site for a set of curricular materials that I'm working on. The material could be used as a course module (four or five weeks long) in a junior- or senior-level course in applications of quantum physics, or as a text for a one-credit-hour guided reading course.

The goal is to make the central principles and tools of elementary particle physics accessible to the typical undergraduate physics student. In order to keep the material short and accessible, I'll focus on the simplest types of particle interactions, making no attempt to survey the whole field of particle physics or to present the subject historically.

Outline (tentative)

  1. Electron-Positron Colliders

  2. Theoretical Foundations

  3. Electron-Positron Scattering (Click here to download a draft.)

  4. Extensions and Further Examples
Here is a large (7 MB) pdf file of the slides from a talk I recently gave that summarizes much of this material.

Last modified on 30 October 2002.