Properties of Planetary Nebulae Worksheet

Part A: Changing Mass Loss Rate

1, 2) Plots:










Are these plots similar?

4) How do your observations compare with the model?




4) Sketch the mass loss history of the star:





5) Describe the history of mass loss from the central star.




Part B: Size and Age of the Ring Nebula

1) Length of long axis:

2) Angular Radius:

3) Actual Radius:



4) Age of nebula:



5) Size of the nebula in AU:



Part C: Mass Return Rate

1) Total Volume:



Inner Volume:



2) Emitting Volume:



3) Mass in kg:



4) Mass in solar masses:



What fraction of the star's mass was ejected into the nebula?



5) Mass Returned to ISM each year:





Is this a large amount of material?



5) Can planetary nebulae account for star formation?