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Dr. John E. SohlWorking in the atomic physics and laser lab.

Professor of Physics

Room: Science Lab 204A
Phone: (801) 626-7907; FAX: (801) 626-7445; e-mail:

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Ph.D., Atomic and Laser Physics, Ohio State University, 1990

M.S., Physics, Ohio State University, 1985

Halfway to M.S., Optical Engineering, University of Central Florida, 1982. I left there before the degree was complete so that I could obtain the PhD instead.

B.S., Physics, University of West Florida, 19792011 Portrait of John Sohl

A.S., Science, St. Petersburg Jr. College, Florida, 1977

Work Experience:

1974-1978: Electronics repair and installation.

1977-1979: Taught introductory astronomy labs at the University of West Florida.

1979-1981: Honeywell, Inc. Worked on the Space Shuttle main engine control computer. Also worked on special projects including microscopic holography, high speed photography, x-ray fluoroscopy, electrostatic discharge control, and failure analysis.

1981-1982: Martin Marietta Aerospace. Optical design of infrared and laser guided weapon systems such as the TADS/PNVS (the pilot night vision system on the Apache Helicopter) and terminally guided submunitions for the European Theater cold war era insanity. (Martin Marietta's aerospace division is now Lockheed Martin after a merger with Lockheed.) 

1982-1990: Taught various introductory physics recitations and labs. I also taught a special course on energy and society. Research assistant in atomic and laser physics.

1990 - present: Physics faculty at Weber State University. I teach mostly introductory astronomy and upper division laboratory/lecture courses such as the Applied Optics, Electronics for Scientists and Data Acquisition and Analysis courses. I actively involve our physics majors in various ongoing and one time directed research projects.  I was also the director of the Physics Department's Ott Planetarium  for 13 years from June 1990 to May 2003.Launching rockets in the West Desert with my son when he was 4.(The director is now Dr. Stacy Palen and she is doing an awesome job over there!) 

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