HONORS PS1500 - Physics in the Plays of Tom Stoppard

Hapgood, Act 1, Scenes 1 - 3 C Questions for Discussion


  • On p 500, Kerner says that "a double agent is more like a trick in the light." On p 501, Kerner goes on to describe the electron double-slit experiment. What is Kerner's answer to Blair's question about whether Kerner is a British joe (a secret agent working for the British) or a Russian sleeper (a double agent working for the KGB)? What does Kerner mean when he says "You get what you interrogate for" on p 501?


  • On p 503 - 504, what is Blair's explanation for the action in the first scene? 


    Acting Assignments for Hapgood

    1. Act 1, Scene 1, pp. 489 - 499 (Nine parts: Radio, Hapgood, Wates, Russian 1, Russian 2, Merryweather, Ridley, Kerner, and Blair)

    Starts with Radio: OK, we have a blue Peugeot . . . stopping.

    Ends with Blair: I want Kerner in Regent's Park, twelve o'clock sharp.


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