From Christopher Fry's
The Lady's Not For Burning

--- And as for you, you with no eyes, no ears,
No senses, you the most superstitious
Of all --- (for what greater superstition
Is there than the mumbo-jumbo of believing
In reality?) --- you should be swallowed whole by Time
In the way that you swallow appearances.
Horns, what a waste of effort is has been
To give you Creation's vast and exquisite
Dilemma!  where altercation thrums
In every granule of the Milky Way,
Persisting still in the dead-sleep of the moon,
And heckling itself hoarse in that hot-head
The sun.  As for here, each acorn drops
Arguing to earth, and pollen's all polemic. ---

We have wasted paradox and mystery on you
When all you ask for, is cause and effect! ---
A copy of your birth certificate is all you needed
To make you at peace with Creation.  How uneconomical
The whole thing's been.

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