Electric circuits and Ohm's Law

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A circuit is shown which contains a battery, a switch, and a light bulb. Using a voltmeter and an ammeter, you will measure the voltage between different points in the electric circuit and the current flowing through the circuit. You may choose different voltages for the battery.

1. Click or tap the switch to turn the light bulb on and off.

2. The voltage of the battery can be selected by selecting a value from the battery voltage drop-down menu.

3. Move the voltmeter by clicking or touching it and then dragging it. Move the voltmeter toward the bulb, the battery, or the switch. When the voltmeter probes touch the base of the bulb, the contact points of the switch, or the terminals of the battery, it will display the voltage across each of them.

4. To read the current and the voltage, magnify either the ammeter or the voltmeter by clicking or tapping it when it is connected to the circuit. Click or tap again to return the meter to its normal appearance.

5. To repeat the experiment, click or tap the Reset button.