Energy, Entropy, and Everything

Honors 1500, Perspectives in the Physical Sciences

Daily Assignments, Part 3

Tuesday, March 27: Current Energy Sources and Uses. Read the document Energy in the United States -- A Brief History and Current Trends, which you can find on the Energy Information Administration web site. (This document is also the first chapter of the Annual Energy Review, the best-known publication of EIA.)

Thursday, March 29: Fossil Fuel Consumption and Exponential Growth.

Tuesday, April 3: Energy for Transportation.

Thursday, April 5: Metabolism and Photosynthesis.

Tuesday, April 10: Heat Flow and Thermal Insulation.

Thursday, April 12: Solar Energy I: The Global Energy Balance.

Tuesday, April 17: Solar Energy II: Direct Use of Solar Energy.

Thursday, April 19: Solar Energy III: The Source of the Sun's Energy.

Tuesday, April 24: Uses and Misuses of the Second Law.

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