I was born in Pennsylvania, but grew up mostly in New Jersey.  I earned my PhD in physics at the University of Iowa.  After that, I moved to Seattle, where I worked in the Astronomy Department at the University of Washington for a time. I am now an Associate Professor in the Physics Department at Weber State University in Ogden, UT.
If you want more professional biography, see my CV, which is really not very up to date at all. So send me email if you really want to know something!
That’s me above, with my horse Trinket, over an ~ 4 foot fence.  Now we are doing mostly dressage, since she had a neurological disease that nearly killed her in Fall, 2006.  She has had to re-learn how to move her legs more or less from scratch.  It’s a privilege to know her.
You can find information about the dressage group at this website:
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The blog from my 2008-2009 sabbatical is mostly for my own convenience:
Stacy Palen
Associate Professor, Physics
Director, Ott Planetarium
Office: SL 209
Phone: 626-7030
email: spalen AT weber DOT edu
Specialty: Astrophysics
Web places you might be seeking:
  1. Honors 1500: Physics@Home
  2. Physics 3160: Astrophysics
  3. Advice for students seeking recommendations
  4. Instructions for using the Ottreach Trailer.
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