Astro Search Worksheet

Team Name: ___________________________

Team Members: ________________________________________________________


Tropic of Cancer ________________________________________________________

Tropic of Capricorn ______________________________________________________

Equinox: ______________________________________________________________

Solstice: ______________________________________________________________

Angle of Inclination: _____________________________________________________

Fill in the blanks:

It takes the earth ________ days to revolve once around the sun.

It takes the earth _______ hours to rotate once on its axis.

The Arctic Circle is at ______ degrees north latitude.

The Antarctic Circle is at ______ degrees south latitude.

_____________, ______________, _______________ are three countries that the equator passes through.

A.	June 21 or 22			______  Vernal Equinox

B.	0 degrees latitude		______  Tropic of Capricorn

C.	December 21 or 22	        ______  Summer Solstice
D.	23.5 degree south latitude	______  Autumnal Equinox

E.	Septmeber 21 or 22		______  Equator

F.	March 20 or 21		        ______  Winter Solstice

G.	23.5 degrees north latitude	______  Tropic of Cancer


Draw the sun at the center of the diagram.

Draw the earth in four positions: Vernal Equinox, Summer Solstice, Autumnal Equinox, Winter Solstice








What would happen if the earth's axis were not tilted?