ProtoStars: Planetarium show for Children K-2
Pre-Show Activity 1
Magic School Bus Lost in Space

Objectives: Grade Level

Materials Set-Up
Read the story "The Magic School Bus Lost In Space" to the children.

  1. Have the students create the solar system mobile.
  2. Talk with the students about the solar system as they are making it.
  3. Have each child get the supplies they need form the front desk.
  4. Tie one end of the string to the cardboard, which is for the title "Our Solar System", at the other end of the string hang the balloon (sun).
  5. Have the students make all different planets with different sized balls, color or paint the balls the correct color.
  6. Take 10 pieces of string with five different sizes, tape the string to the different sized cardboard, there should be a piece of cardboard for each size string, the students can put the construction paper around the cardboard and string (use blue paper).
  7. Take each of these pieces and tie them to the planets, be sure that they are putting the planets in the correct order.
  8. Tape or glue the cardboard with the planets on them to the base string which contains the title and the balloon on it.
  9. By following all of these steps your students should have made a solar system mobile.
  10. After they have finished their solar system mobile show the video "The Magic School Bus Lost In Space".
Follow Up
  1. Ask the students if this is what a solar system looks like?
  2. Did everyone follow the directions?
  3. Observe each child's mobile to make sure that all the planets are in the correct order.
  4. Have the students do a self-evaluation.

AskERIC Lesson Plan: AELP-AST0002
Submitted by: Kelly Anderson
Endorsed by: Don Descy
School or Affiliation: Mankato State University
© 1999 University of Washington
Revised: 9 August, 2000