ProtoStars: Planetarium show for Children K-2
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The classroom activity articles developed by The Space Place staff at JPL have been published in past issues of the International Technology Education Association's (ITEA) journal The Technology Teacher. Most of the activities can be adapted for grades 4-8. Some may also be of interest to grades 9-12.

The Education Source has named StarChild one of the Top 100 Educational Web Sites of 1999.

The Solar System - The planets of our solar system each have their own special qualities. Click on your favorite planet to find out more.

Arty the Part Time Astronaut - [ Kids ] - An interactive adventure for young astronomers guiding Arty and his alien friend Greg through our solar system. A children's interactive adventure through our solar system. A site for the young Astronomer.

Have you ever looked out of your window at night and wondered about all those stars and planets up there? If so, click on, AND HAVE FUN!
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