ProtoStars: Planetarium show for Children K-2
EALRs addressed by this program:

Classroom Activities
Bringing the Solar System to LifeMagic School BusDr. PlanetSpace Week
EALR #1 The student understands and uses scientific concepts and principles  
1.1 use properties to identify, describe, and categorize
1.2 identify, describe, and categorize living things          
1.3 measure properties and characteristics  
1.4 recognize the components, structure, and organization of systems  
1.5 understand cause of changes in matter and energy          
1.6 construct and use models to predict, test, and understand phenomena      
EALR #2 The student conducts scientific investigations to expand understanding  
2.1 plan and implement scientific investigations        
2.2 think logically, analytically, and creatively
2.3 practice the principles of scientific inquiry          
2.4 understand the relationship between evidence and scientific explanation        
EALR #3 The student applies science knowledge and skills to solve problems  
3.1 identify problems and challenges in which science knowledge can be applied          
3.2 research, design, and test a variety of ways to address problems        
3.3 evaluate solutions and consequences          
EALR #4 The student uses effective communication skills and tools  
4.1 use listening, observing, and reading skills to obtain information
4.2 use writing and speaking skills to organize and express ideas
4.3 use effective communication strategies and tools    
EALR #5 The student understands connections to other subject areas and real life  
5.1 use mathematics to enhance scientific understanding          
5.2 understand the relationship between science and technology  
5.3 examine the relationship between science and history          
5.4 examine the relationships among science, society, and the workplace          

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