Spectra Lab Worksheet

Spectra Worksheet

Light Source Spectrum Type Colors observed
Wavelength in thousands of Angstroms
4    4.5   5   5.5   6   6.5   7
Mystery Lamp    

  1. What is the mystery gas?

  2. Gas observed in the flourescent lights:

  3. Describe what you see for each of the three filters:

    Red Filter:


    Blue Filter:


    Green Filter:


  4. How are 'neon' lights of different colors made?


  5. At what wavelengths do the dark absorption lines appear in the solar spectrum?



  6. Describe the difference in appearance between absorption and emission lines. Draw a diagram of a spectrum with lines of both types..





  7. Describe the difference in the physical mechanisms. Draw a diagram of an atom absorbing and an atom emitting.





  8. How are emission lines different from continuum radiation? Draw a diagram of a spectrum to help explain what you mean.