Properties of Planetary Nebulae Worksheet

Part A: Chemical Composition

1) Table:









2) Do the Hydrogen and Oxygen emission come from the same location in the nebulae?

Which comes from closer in, in general?

Are there exceptions?

3) Does the overall trend in the location of the colors make sense? Explain.



Part B: Mass Loss History

1) Plot:






2) How do your observations compare with the model?



3) What is the history of the mass loss from the central star?



Part C: Size and Age of the Dumbbell Nebula

1) Length of long axis (in pixels):

2) Radius (in pixels):

3) Angular Radius:

4) Radius (in km):



5) Age of nebula (convert to years!):



Part D: Mass Return Rate

1) Volume:



2) Mass:



3) Mass Returned to ISM each year: