Comparative Planetology Worksheet

Part 1
  1. Why are only large craters seen on Venus?



  2. Why are no tiny craters seen on Earth?



  3. Objects in order of age:



  4. How can you reconcile these vastly different ages with the idea that all the planets formed at the same time?



Part 2

  1. What is the evidence that Venusian lava does not flow far before cooling?





  2. What might cause Venusian flows to be different from those on Earth?





Part 3

  1. What are the similarites between these surface features? What might this suggest about the possiblity of water on Mars?



  2. Which direction is downhill? How do you know?



  3. Sketch the flow of water; identify sources and sinks. Are you convinced that these channels are certain evidence of flowing surface water some time in the history of Mars?









Part 4
  1. How is the interior of Uranus different from the interiors of the other outer planets?



  2. What is the source of the energy in the winds of the outer planets?