Science Education Resources

Adam Johnston

(I always need to update this, but it's always low on my list. Suggestions are always welcome -- just drop me a line. See also some course readings and research for my teaching classes.)

Physics references:

Science/Physics Education resources:

Science education weblogs

Assessment & Research Tools


Science education journals

Astronomy Education Research and the AAS Education Program or College Astronomy Education Resources.

Astronomy Education Research

Montana State University Physics and Astronomy Education Research Group

Workshop Physics

Astronomy Diagnostic Test

Assessment Instrument Information Page

Utah State Office of Education Science Home Page

Professional Reflection on Teaching

Field-tested Learning Assessment Guide (FLAG)

National Science Education Standards  


General science info:

Article Databases for Science (Stewart Library, WSU)

Physics Department's Library Newsletter.

National Science Digital Library
The comprehensive source for science, technology, engineering and mathematics education.
Funded by the National Science Foundation.

Union of Concerned Scientists Scientific American
This magazine has articles in all fields of scientific research, including physics and astronomy.

The Skeptical Inquirer
A good analysis of that which is not scientific.  This magazine analyzes some of the extraordinary claims from pseudoscience and sees how they hold up to actual scientific evidence.

Interesting Q&A from New Scientist's Last Word column.

A bunch of facts.

Annals of Improbable Research and the Ig Nobel Prizes

A list of software links I use


General information and resources

Center for Science and Math Education
Utah State Office of Education Science Home Page (including science core curricula)
Science endorsement info
Job posting info

UEN Science

Utah Core Curricula (UEN)

NCLB Science
The Exploratorium's tools for teaching


Organizations, commissions, and projects

NSTA and Weber State's NSTA Student Chapter
Utah Science Teachers Association (USTA)
National Association of Research in Science Teaching
National Commission on Teaching and America's Future
Renaissance Partnership for Improving Teacher Quality


Background references:

NARST Research Matters for Science Teachers
NSTA position statements
bullet . . . on inquiry learning
NSTA background papers


Instructional strategies:

Ideas for Layered Curriculum at
The Exploratorium's Institute for Inquiry resources, including great definitions/descriptions of inquiry
The Learning Cycle (originally attributed to Karlpus, then Lawson, etc.):
The 5E instructional model (an extension of the original "Learning Cycle," so it is often referred to as such):


Alternative conceptions and learning:

Misconceptions regarding the Utah State Core:
bullet Seventh Grade Integrated Science 
bullet Earth Systems Science
bullet  Biology
bullet  Physics


Lesson plans and ideas:

Educator's Reference Desk database of science lesson plans
Teacher Focus


Teaching philosophy:

Professional Reflection on Teaching
Teaching Perspectives Inventory (TPI) Website
Teaching Goals Inventory