Advanced Physics for Teachers

Adam Johnston


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Course Description

This intensive workshop will investigate physics concepts, their historical development, and how laboratory and inquiry-based investigations best model both the physical phenomena and how authentic science operates.  Although the concepts to be covered will be the same as those in the physics core, this course will engage in these topics in greater depth than typical coursework.  (Enrollment in this course requires previous physics coursework equivalent to "Physics for Scientists and Engineers", PHYS 2210/2220.)  Participants will develop an understanding of the historical and experimental background for concepts in the physics core, as well as have the experience of "doing" physics in authentic contexts.

Class meets 8:30 am to 4:00 pm each day for one week, with homework each night and additional work to be completed at home during the two weeks following the workshop.  Class sessions will be comprised of group work, interactive class discussions, and the development of course curricula, lessons, and assessments.


Adam Johnston, Professor of Physics, Weber State University. Contact via email ( or phone (801.626.7711) for course specific questions.