Lesson Plan: A First Lesson

Secondary School Science Teaching Methods

Adam Johnston & Sharon Ohlhorst

DUE: Wednesday, September 15th

We have talked briefly about the nature of science and you have visited the Utah science core.  It is time to start thinking about the business of teaching and start practicing the art of planning lessons.  Your assignment for Wednesday is to prepare a lesson plan  (for one 45 min class period) on a favorite topic from the Utah core for a course you hope to teach.  Think about and include what you think this should look like to meet your needs.  The main requirement is that you need to state your objective and, at the end, include a reflection (1-2 sentences may be sufficient) as to how you think you have met this objective.  Our vision for this project includes 2-4 typed pages.  The layout and design of the lesson should be in some format that will be useful to you in your teaching career.

On Wednesday be prepared to spend 3 min in class sharing your objective and how you chose to meet it.