Analysis of lesson plans

Secondary School Science Teaching Methods

Adam Johnston & Sharon Ohlhorst

Attached are a set of lesson plans, all downloaded from the “Educator’s Reference Desk” (formerly “AskERIC”) database:

With a partner, select one lesson that looks particularly interesting and relevant to you, and evaluate it for the following:

1.              Is it correct in what it is trying to teach?

2.              Is it effective in what is trying to teach?

3.              Does this lesson fit into the ideals of an inquiry oriented classroom?  To what extent does it do so?  How?

In analyzing this lesson, propose how you could change the lesson so that the objectives/goals were the same, but so that it was more student centered and inquiry oriented.  Describe what kinds of changes would be required.  In other words, describe how the classroom setting, your role, the students’ roles, the use of class time, etc. would be different if you were to reinvent this lab/lesson to your liking.

You will give a brief presentation of this lab/lesson, describing to your colleagues what the objectives of the lab/lesson are, what the original lesson looked like, and what you would do to change it.