The following is a sample of what a research proposal might look like.  All research proposals should be brief (maybe one paragraph), but should be clear in what the research is going to study and how the research will be done.


Anna Johnston
Research Proposal
Intro to Physics (PHSX 1010)

The Swinging Bowling Ball Pendulum

I am going to investigate the properties of a bowling ball which is suspended by a thread from my bedroom ceiling.  Specifically, I am going to measure how the period of the pendulum's swing (the time it takes to go back and forth) varies as I change one of the following:

  1. the mass of the bowling ball, or

  2. the length of the thread, or

  3. the width of the swing.

I will measure the mass of the bowling ball on a bathroom scale, and I will measure the length of the thread using a meter stick.  I will time the period by using my daddy's stopwatch to measure how long it takes for the bowling ball to go back and forth 5 times, and then divide that value by 5 to get the period for one swing.  When I vary one of the above (mass, length, or width), I will make sure that the other two values stay constant.  I will make charts and graphs to show my data of period vs. mass, period vs. length, and period vs. width.