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Backpack to Malan's Basin
[Anna's first full backpack trip]

At the trailhead with Malan's Peak in the background.

On the Bonneville Shoreline trail heading to Taylor's Canyon.

Anna rests on a log on the north-facing slope in Taylor's Canyon. She identified the trees (Douglas Fir, White Fir) as being like those in "Poppy's Forest" in Oregon.

Trying out the tent at our campsite in Malan's Basin.

Anna filtering her own water.

Lots of flowers near the creek.

Taking down notes of the trip.

View of Malan's Basin towards Mt. Ogden.

Hiking out, Anna stands on Malan's Peak, overlooking the city to the west. Smoke from big wildfires in Utah hazes the view -- otherwise we'd have a view to Nevada.

From the peak facing down and to the southwest. Weber State and the Science Lab building is far below.

The last stretch towards home. (About half an hour after Anna's first rattlesnake encounter.)