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Mark signs in at the trail register, Elkhart Park.
Lily on Miller Lake.
Rainbow over Miller Lake. Photo was taken after the brilliant photographer ran down the hill and landed on his backside.
Carl hikes happily in the (temporary) sunshine.
IMG_3788 IMG_1558 IMG_3790 IMG_1574
Meadow of wildflowers from Upper Sweeney to junction with Pole Creek Trail.
Meadow leading from Upper Sweeney Lake to this rise. Peaks around Titcomb Basin in the distance.
Pond and distant peaks at Pole Creek Trail junction.
Camp at Island Lake, looking at Freemont and Jackson peaks.
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Wildflowers near junction between Titcomb Basin and Indian Basin.
Trail towards Titcomb Basin and dark, looming clouds.
Don, Colin, Mark, Carl, and Gene just below Titcomb Basin.
Adam at stream between Upper and Lower Titcomb Lakes.
IMG_1598 IMG_1616 IMG_1601 IMG_1629
View from water towards Upper Titcomb Lake and beyond.
Another view from Upper Titcomb Lake.
Don (a.k.a. "Gandolf the Great") following the drainage towards Lower Titcomb Lake.
Don looking back at the now sunny Titcomb Basin.
MVI_3835 STB_3837_1 IMG_3842 IMG_0477
Panorama from above Pothole Lake and Indian Basin's drainage.
Looking from above, back towards Titcomb Basin.
From camp, overlooking Island Lake, Freemont and Jackson peaks.
Colin pulling in dinner at the outlet of Island Lake. (The map shows this drainage as being dry -- don't be fooled!)
IMG_3844 IMG_1644 IMG_1651_1 IMG_3846
Clouds forming between Freemont and Jackson.
Cascades from Titcomb and Indian basins into Island Lake.
Gene looks back towards Island Lake and Elephant Head.
Lake, cascades, mountains . . .
IMG_1676 IMG_3869 IMG_3871 IMG_3880_1
"Big Water Slide", below pond on Freemont drainage.
Water beginning to flow into Big Water Slide.
Gene and Carl and Big Water Slide.
A pika hiding in the shadow.
IMG_3887 IMG_3895 IMG_3907 IMG_3920
Knob behind camp and Island Lake, marking the saddle that the Indian Pass Trail follows.
Sunset on peaks above Titcomb Basin.
Mark makes his way from Island Lake, back over the pass on our way out.
Freemont Peak over Barbara Lake.
IMG_1710 IMG_3931
A bull moose hidden in the trees.
A final pose from Photographers Point.

Bridger Wilderness, Wind Rivers

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