"Baby J" -- The ultrasounds:

At left is baby's head (sideways, with the top of the skull on the lefthand side of the picture) and at right and below is baby's thigh and knee (ball and socket of the knee is on the left of the picture). Like the older pictures (below), these take some imagination.  But, things are progressing fast so that imagination will no longer be required soon enough!


  Below are more, older ultrasound pics.  These also take some imagination, but everything seems to be in the right places.
This image is looking at the baby's head and torso.  You're looking at a cross section of the head so that you can see the eye sockets, and you're also seeing a few ribs as the baby is "curved" in the fetal position.
This is the baby from the side.  The head and spine are well connected.  (In the video we got to see the brain -- it seems to be in the  right place as well.)
Here's baby from below, as though s/he were sitting on your computer screen.  Closer up (in the video), the feet look very cute and you can count all of the toes.