Karyn's insides:  An MRI-photo documentary!

A lesson in anatomy and orthopedics

Karyn had back surgery in November of 1998.  What follows are the graphic details and pictures of her back before the surgery.  If this disturbs you, you can always return to the other photos.

If you'd like to see more "insides," take a look at, or rather, through Karyn about a year and a half later.  (The careful reader notes that only Karyn's insides are published to the web, not her husband's.)

The image on the right is a side view of the cross section of Karyn's lower back.  Basically, each large "block" is one of her lower vertebrae.  In between (in the green circles) are the soft, cushiony disks.  These are all healthy, shown by the fact that you see the light colored nucleus of each disk is present.  However, below her L5 vertebrae, the nucleus of the disk is missing!  This is shown as a dark region, circled in red.
At left is another perspective of Karyn's back.  This is a slice looking from the top-down (or bottom up).  This particular cross section is focused on the disk in between her L4 and L5 vertebrae.  (On the above picture, this would be the bottom-most green circle.)  The blue square shows the disk has a healthy, light colored nucleus.  The red circle is around Karyn's spinal cord, which also looks healthy and undisturbed.
One disk below, things don't look as nice.  The nucleus of the disk is not only absent, it has squirted out (inside the blue square).  This is pushing up against a nerve that leads directly from the spinal cord (circled in red).