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2005 MS150

IMG_3231 165-6502_IMG IMG_3232
"The Cyclotrons" gather on Friday night to prepare for the big ride.
Team Cyclotron in their Einstein t-shirts.
Karyn gets ready to ride, day 1.
IMG_3241 165-6518_IMG IMG_3246
Karyn heads to Idaho.
Adam happily finishes 75 miles.
John crosses the finish line!
IMG_3249 IMG_3254 IMG_3255
Karyn and Adam, ready for Day 2.
Stacy and John (making obscene gesture) behind Adam (riding with one hand while shooting this picture over his shoulder).
Karyn heads south for Paradise, UT.
IMG_3256 IMG_3262 IMG_3263
Note the $500 "spokes club" jersey!
Karyn Johnston, MS150 medalist!
Adam demonstrates his superhuman strength.
IMG_3260 IMG_3267
Still happy after the big tour.
Dan crosses the finish line, day 2.

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