The Weber State Condensed Matter Physics Group
Dr. Colin Inglefield

Semiconductor Physics and Nanoscale Imaging Laboratory
SL 122

Current/Recent Projects

With funding from the National Science Foundation, we have recently acquired a new Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) from Pacific Nanotechnology.

"Atomic Force Microscopy of GeSbTe Thin Films"
 Student Investigator: Chris Grijalva
In collaboration with the Colorado School of Mines Physics Department Semiconductors Group

"Atomic Force Microscopy of Mineral Surfaces"
Student Investigator: Steven Toller, Wes Snow
In collaboration with Dr. Marek MatyjasikWeber State University Department of Geosciences

"Optically Induced Electron Spin Resonance in [Et4N]2[TCNE]2 Single Crystals
Student Investigator: Tim Christofferson
In collaboration with the University of Utah Physics and Chemistry Departments
Funded by the Weber State College of Science Thompson Research Fellowship


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Photos from the 2002 4-Corners APS Conference


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