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Note that when running the program for the first time, and especially on Windows, it can take the QuickTime Player 30 seconds or so to launch.

Newton's First Law of Motion

Air track simulation of Galileo's rolling ball experiment.

Free Fall and Projectile Motion

Different objects are released by the demonstrator as he stands on the top of the classroom table.

Gravity, Circular Motion and Satellites

Different objects are set into circular motion.

Work and Energy

Heavy weights are lifted using simple machines.

Torque, Center of Mass, and Rotational Inertia

A hoop and a disk and various solid cylinders and spheres are rolled down an inclined plane.

Waves and Sound Waves

Standing waves which produce sound are demonstrated by stroking a circular saw blade with a violin bow.


A Van de Graaff generator is charged and shown to apply electric forces to charged objects. The electric field is shown to be stronger near sharp points.


Polarization of Light

A polarizing sheet is used to diminish the glare from cars in a parking lot.

Modern Physics

A Geiger counter in conjunction with various absorbers is used to demonstrate radiation from radioactive sources.