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Demonstrations in Physics - Potential Uses

  • The videos can be used by faculty to supplement their own lectures and demonstrations through the showing of all or parts of these movies to the students.

  • Faculty could watch a movie of a particular demonstration and then reconstruct their own live demonstrations. The list of all needed components for each movie is provided.

  • The videos can be used as part of the class assignments. As an example, students can watch a particular movie and answer questions related to the phenomena being demonstrated. The questions can be either conceptual or quantitative. An example of the latter case is the demonstration on "drop objects". In that case, a student may watch the movie and then estimate the falling distance and the time of falling, and use these results to calculate the acceleration of gravity.

  • Students could have access to the videos outside of class for purposes of course preparation, review of a given lecture, or to further their understanding of the concepts.

  • The movies can be a valuable resource for the online students who do not have the opportunity of observing the actual live classroom demonstrations.