Review for Exam #1


Pythagoras and his followers - not including the specific math

celestial sphere

diurnal (daily) rotation of the celestial sphere

retrograde motion of a planet

Ptolemy's geocentric model

uniform (constant speed) circular motion



Prime Mover

the Library at Alexandria


Plato's concepts of the world and time

Plato= s Allegory of the Cave

Aristotle= s concepts of time

Aristotle's four prime substances of the sublunar (Earthly) world

Aristotle's fifth substance (ether or quintessence) of the astronomical (heavenly) world

St. Augustine= s concept of time

semantic and episodic memory

A Trinidad time@

Copernicus' heliocentric model

Giordano Bruno

Tycho Brahe - not including his model of the solar system

James Usher and Saturday, October 22, 4004 B.C.

La Peyrere and the creation of the AJewish race@

Jesuits in China

Rene Descartes and A The World@

Thomas Burnet and the Alps

John Ray and Edward Lloyd and the slowly changing Earth

Galileo Galilei and his discoveries with his telescope

Kepler's three laws of planetary motion


period of an orbit

Aristotle's four types of motion

"nature abhors a vacuum"

uniform motion (constant speed) - not including the graphs

accelerated motion (speeding up, slowing down, changing direction) - not including the graphs

uniformly accelerated motion (constant acceleration)

Galileo and his experiments with falling bodies

Galileo's experiments with a pendulum - dependence on mass, amplitude (size of swing), and length

Aristotle vs. Galileo on horizontal motion

Galileo and projectile motion

scalars and vectors - not including the addition of vectors

speed (a scalar) and velocity (a vector)

Isaac Newton and his discoveries

inertia (the concept) and mass (the measurement)

momentum and conservation of momentum


centripetal (center-seeking) force

Newton's three laws of motion (in words)

Newton's universal law of gravitation

discovery of Uranus and Neptune

determinism (clockwork universe)

free will


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