Could Life Exist on Europa?

There are three main criteria for the possibility of life outside Earth

In recent years scientists have discovered a new class of micro-organisms here on
Earth that can live or, at least remain viable, under very extreme conditions:

volcanic vents deep in ocean trenches

ice more than 400,000 years old

Siberian permafrost more than 5 million years old.

These microbes called archaeabacteria constitute a third branch of life on Earth,
along with prokaryotes (normal bacteria) and eukaryotes (plants and animals).

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Earth may have its own "Europa ocean."  In 1996, seismic and other tools revealed the the presence of an underground lake in Antarctica near the Russian Vostok Station. Lake Vostok is overlaid by about 3,710 meters (12,169 ft) of ice and may be 500,000 to 1 million years old.

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Mickey Mouse, Klingon, porpoise, sphere, and leftover turkey are nicknames given to microscopic objects
found in ancient Antarctic ice from as deep as 1,249 meters beneath Vostok Station.

The Problem:  How to explore Europa / Lake Vostok
contaminating them?

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